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Home-Baked Pizza Shop Garlic Bread (Vegan)

Home-baked garlic bread is a delicious accompaniment to many a pasta sauce, but it can be enjoyed on its own as well. Here's how to make it like they do in a pizza shop, as well as a few suggested additions.


Mint Chocolate Chip Sourdough Bread Recipe

A bread with a unique flavor will help you combat the winter blues. It's tangy, minty, and chocolatey. The bread is perfect as a dessert or snack. It will take a whole day to make, but it's not challenging.


Easy Homemade Cheesy Breadsticks

Homemade cheesy breadsticks are the perfect side dish or snack!


How to Make Chocolate Espresso Weave Bread at Home

Beautiful and delicious, this bread is perfect for an afternoon treat or even for breakfast. Enjoy it with coffee or tea.


Cranberry Zucchini Bread With Turmeric, Flaxseed and Chia Seeds

Discover the health benefits of zucchini! This quick and easy, one-bowl cranberry zucchini bread is best for breakfast or with a roasted chicken or turkey meal.


My Banana Loaf Makeover With Citrusy Clementine Twist

Adapting a basic banana loaf recipe from my files, I created this delightful citrusy twist.Try and taste the moist texture of this loaf.


Easy-Bake Soda Bread Recipe

Making bread conjures fears of laborious hours in a hot kitchen among rolling pins, piles of dirty dishes, and white, powdery flour coating everything. What's worse, the bread could flop. Good thing making soda bread is super easy.


Bread Machine Banana Bread

Here's an easy banana bread recipe that you can make in your trusty bread machine. Enjoy this bread with your favorite spread or serve it as French toast.


How to Make Perfect Parker House Rolls (Plus 4 Spin-Offs)

Parker House rolls are soft, pillowy, buttery—an easy yeast bread you can make at home. Here's the original recipe plus four spin-offs.


Healthy Banana Bread With Fruit, Nuts and Seeds (Diabetic Friendly)

I invented my own nutritious and diabetic-friendly banana bread, cutting down on sugar and salt whilst introducing extra fruit, nuts and seeds. My family loves it.


How to Add Cinnamon Raisin Inclusions to Sourdough Bread

Once you have mastered a basic sourdough you can venture into a new world of flavorings. This recipe is for a basic sourdough bread and method of how to evenly distribute your fruit inclusions into the dough so that everybody gets a taste of what the bread should be.


Exploring Challah: Fables, Facts, and 10 Recipes for the Famous Jewish Bread

Challah, the Jewish Sabbath/holiday bread is steeped in tradition and symbolism. Learn the history, heritage, and traditional and innovative recipes.


Sourdough Naan Bread

Beautiful soft sourdough naan bread to mop up the sauce of your favorite curry. These breads have very few ingredients, are easy to make, and are a joy to watch as they fluff up while baking. So get your sourdough starter out and let's go!


Homemade Nutella Star Bread: Perfect for Christmas Morning Breakfast

Christmas star twisted bread, or star bread, is a popular breakfast food on Christmas morning. The twist filling can be sweet or savory. Let me show you how to make this bread at home so you can impress your family on Christmas morning!


Sourdough Burger Buns

Sourdough burger buns are soft, light, fluffy and delicious. This recipe is tried and tested, guaranteed to produce amazing results. Learn how to make your own burger buns; they're not difficult, they just need time and love.


Artisan Sourdough Bread Recipe

If you are gluten intolerant, don't think you can't ever enjoy bread again. Bread is one of life's great pleasures. The problem isn't the gluten, it's the fast process of bread making for mass production that has given gluten a bad name. Sourdough may be your answer.


Homemade Crispy French-Style Baguettes

There is nothing more comforting than relaxing with a warm baguette fresh from the oven and dripping with melting butter. The beautiful thing about it is you can make it at home yourself, and it’s easy. All you need is a little time and love.


Two Quick and Easy Go-To Bread Machine Recipes

The following two bread recipes are among the staples of our everyday life.


Sourdough Starter and Leaven

My first sourdough was disappointing; it came out flat. After that, I did lots of research, and now I get 100% success. Here I will share with you what I learned.


My Favorite Zucchini Bread Recipe With Powdered Sugar Glaze

There are a gazillion recipes for zucchini bread, but this one is my favorite. I've included a bonus recipe, too.


7 Secrets of a Bread Recipe That Never Fails

I've finally developed the all-time best bread recipe, and I want to share it with you—along with all the secrets steps I employ!


10-Ingredient Oat and Wholemeal Soft Brown Bread

This brown bread is made from coarse wholemeal flour, all-purpose flour and rolled oats. It takes about 50 minutes to bake and can be served with soup or eaten with just butter and jam. It's a very moist bread that has lots of flavor.


Perfectly Moist (but Not Soggy) Banana Nut Bread

This banana bread recipe uses frozen, overripe bananas in order to get rid of the excess moisture. This produces a flavorful but non-soggy loaf.


Easy One-Bowl Zucchini Bread Recipe

When you have zucchini growing prolifically in your garden, treat yourself to this delicious zucchini bread to serve for breakfast, dessert, or any time.


Glazing Breads: It's All About the Crust

Although applying a glaze or wash to bread takes only seconds, it affects the appearance, texture and flavor. This article explores the what, when, why and how of bread glazing.


Make-Ahead Frozen Dinner Rolls

These dinner rolls can be made ahead of time and frozen. Bake them whenever you need fresh rolls quick!


Rum Raisin Cinnamon Challah

This challah features rum-soaked raisins and cinnamon swirls to give it a sweet flavor. It is so yummy that I rarely have leftovers. Serve it straight from the oven, if possible.


Soft Half and Half Rolls (Half White and Half Whole Wheat)

These flavorful rolls have a hint of honey and are soft inside. They are not difficult to make, and they use a combination of whole wheat flour and white bread flour. I created the recipe in an attempt to satisfy my children, who prefer white flour, and my husband, who prefers whole wheat.


How to Make Homemade White Bread

This delicious homemade white bread is perfect for all seasons. Enjoy a slice with peanut butter, jam, Nutella, or butter as a snack or for breakfast. Let me show how you can make this at home.


Best Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

This moist and tasty chocolate chip pumpkin bread is a year-round winner. Easy to make, it's the perfect comfort food at any time of the day.


Best Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This moist and sweet chocolate chip banana bread has been a family favorite for decades. The best part is it's so easy to make. It can be served for breakfast, dessert, or teatime.


How to Use Sourdough Starter in Place of Dried Yeast

Learn how to use sourdough starter in place of dried yeast in a bread recipe.


How to Make Brioche in a Bread Machine

Homemade brioche is the perfect bread for your ultimate French toast!


How to Create a Sourdough Starter (No Yeast Required)

Looking to bake bread during the COVID-19 pandemic but can't find any yeast? Create your own yeast by creating a sourdough starter. It's easier than you think, and you'll have delicious baked good in no time, especially if you use the discard.


Soft and Buttery French Brioche Recipe

I love artisanal French bread. Let me show you how to make soft, delicious brioche that is ideal for breakfast or a snack. You too can be a French baker at home!


Sourdough Basics: How to Make and Maintain a Starter

Learn the basics of creating and caring for your own, homemade sourdough starter.

The Best Homemade Bread Recipe

With Covid-19 causing the grocery store shelves to be bought out, many of us are naturally looking for a good homemade bread recipe. Look no farther, for I have spent the past month tweaking recipes, and this is the best one I could create!


Recipe for Homemade Bread With Fast-Action Dried Yeast

How to bake deliciously easy homemade bread using fast-action dried yeast. This from-scratch bread recipe tastes just like what you'd buy from the stores and bakeries. Step-by-instructions and my own photos are included.


Southern Corn-Filled Cornbread With Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are great when used in baked goods because they make cakes, breads, cookies, etc., moister and richer. Cooking with duck eggs might intimidate some because they are so much larger than chicken eggs. This recipe uses duck eggs instead of chicken eggs.


Lemon Raspberry Bread With Lemon Glaze

Try this delicious lemon raspberry bread with lemon glaze. I have no doubt that you and your family will love it!


Lemon Blueberry Bread With Lemon Glaze Recipe

This is the best lemon blueberry bread I've ever made. It has a tangy flavor from the lemon and a sweetness from the blueberries. The lemon glaze on top is the perfect addition. It's suitable for a snack or a dessert. Let me show you the recipe.


Bread Machine Cranberry Cinnamon Bread

Christmas is coming, and that means it's time to start baking for the holidays! This is a delicious cranberry cinnamon bread that comes together easily with the help of a bread machine.


Recipe for Light, Fluffy, and Moist Banana Bread

Learn how to make banana bread from scratch with this easy recipe that makes a delightfully light, fluffy, and moist bread Step-by-step instructions with my own photos and videos are included.


Exploring Hot Cross Buns: Folklore, Facts, and Fun Recipes

Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter treat. Learn their history, how to make them in your kitchen, and a few innovative variations.


Yummy Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread

Although this is a fantastic recipe to enjoy during the fall season amidst all of the other amazing pumpkin spice recipes, it's also great any time of the year. This yummy clean eating pumpkin spice banana bread is packed full of real pumpkin and is sure to be an easy, deliciously healthy treat.


How to Make Perfect Hamburger Buns

Don't put your delicious home-grilled burger on a wimpy store-bought bun. You can make your own, and they will taste outstanding! Trust me, we can do this together.


Quick Sourdough Starter Recipe From Scratch

Learn how to make an easy sourdough starter from scratch.


Easy and Healthy Homemade Date Bread

Sweet and sticky dates are a delicious treat. Have you ever tried making date bread? It's super simple and super healthy!


Homemade Bread Made Easy

Baking bread is not as hard as it might seem.


Easy and Moist Homemade Banana Bread

Banana bread is one of my favorite snacks to make for my family. It's very easy to make, and it's suitable to serve for teatime or appetizers.