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Food Industry


Review of Frito Lay's White Cheddar Poppables

If you are looking for a light and airy snack that tastes pretty good, you might want to try Frito Lay's White Cheddar Poppables.


A Review of Lay's Layers Sour Cream and Onion Snacks

Are Lay's Layers Sour Cream and Onion Snacks any good? I think so. Are they worth the money? Probably not. Should you buy them anyway? Well, if you like to snack, yes!


How I Found My Cooking Groove

Tired of DiGiorno and Burger King? Here's how I got out of my dinner rut.


40 Quotes to Celebrate “Let’s All Eat Right” Day

Let’s All Eat Right Day is celebrated in honor of nutritionist Adelle Davis, born on February 25,1904. She promoted natural foods for health and fitness and earned the title “queen of optimal eating.”


Safeguarding Organic Food Authenticity With Blockchain

Global food policymakers are on a mission to help strengthen the overall integrity of the organic supply chain and protect the value of the organic label in the eyes of consumers. Could augmented blockchain traceability be the answer to building a transparent organic ecosystem?


One Bite Frozen Pizza Review

After months of stalking my local Walmart frozen food section, I was finally able to find the One Bite frozen pizza offered by Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports. How does One Bite pizza stack up to the competition? Let's find out.


I Tried Every Devour Brand TV Dinner: An Honest Review

I tried all the Devour brand TV dinners at my local grocery stores over the course of a few weeks. Here’s what I thought of each one.


8 Budget-Friendly Weeknight Meal Ideas With Walmart Groceries

Budget-friendly doesn't have to mean cheap and tasteless. You can make inexpensive meals that are quick and easy using groceries from Walmart.


9 Tricks to Make Sure You Use Up Leftovers

This article gives a brief history of leftovers and suggests ways to make sure your leftovers actually get eaten before they go bad.


Product Review of Kirkland (Costco Brand) Protein Bars

A close friend of mine recommended Kirkland Protein Bars. This is a review sharing my opinon of them.


What Is a Food Pyramid? Has It Made Us Fatter?

A food pyramid is supposed to illustrate a healthy diet. But does it over-simplify nutrition, and has it created confusion about what a balanced diet should contain?


7 Reasons to Watch Cooking Shows Even if You Don't Make the Recipes

This article shares seven reasons to watch cooking shows even if you do not intend to make the recipes.


Food Additives Bha, Bht, and Tbhq: Uses and Concerns

Bha, Bht, and Tbhq are antioxidant food additives commonly found in oily and fatty processed foods, medicines, cosmetics, food packaging, animal feed, and rubber goods. The letters look and sound similar, but how do the synthetic additives they represent differ?


A Review of 5 Common Breakfast Oatmeal Brands

Let's take a look at some of the more popular oatmeals available today: Kind, Better Oats, Nature's Path Organic, Quaker, and WinCo Foods (my local generic brand).


The Good Homemaker Is Not Obsolete

Homemaking is a job if it is done right. While it may not earn money it certainly can save money. Here are several things a homemaker can do to save and earn.


Three 1990s Kids' Foods That Need to Come Back

Just as much as Hi-C Ecto Cooler and Dunkaroos, we need these foods back in our lunchboxes!


5 Sustainable Swaps for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

The average household produces 4.5 million tonnes of kitchen waste per year. Read on to find out how you can reduce your food waste, ditch plastic and embrace sustainability for the ultimate zero-waste kitchen.


Nusret Gökçe (Salt Bae) Is Famous, But for How Long?

The internet bestowed fame and fortune upon Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe (Salt Bae). Is he truly worthy of the stardom, or like a meteor will he eventually plummet to earth?


7 Food Safety Myths Debunked

There are many commonly accepted myths about food safety and keeping a safe and healthy kitchen. This public health educator debunks some of them.


Spicy Beef Jerky Reviews: Can You Take the Heat?

Let's take a look at the spiciest beef jerky brands out there. Turn up the heat!


The Fiery and Fascinating History of Tabasco Sauce

There are many fiery condiments on the market, but Tabasco Sauce was the original.


A Review of Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky

Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky is a product that offers various samples of delicious jerkies, including bacon. This is my honest review.


Fake Foods: What You Need to Know About Food Swindlers

Passing off fake cheeses, meats, and other food items as premium brands is big business.


An Honest Review of Front Door Produce Delivery Service

This is an honest review of my experience with Front Door Produce, a delivery service that ships vegetables to your door.


Review of Milton’s Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza

An honest and unbiased review of Milton's Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza. This author is not involved in any affiliate program with Milton's Bakers.


10 Disadvantages of Eating Alone

Having written about the benefits of solo dining, I thought it would also be interesting and useful to list the negatives. Here are 10 disadvantages of eating alone.


Review of Ling Ling Teriyaki Chicken Potstickers

This is my personal and unbiased review of Ling Ling Teriyaki Chicken postickers.


I Haven't Eaten Red Meat or Processed Foods in Over a Year

I used to be a foodie, but I no longer eat red meat or processed foods. The reason I quit so abruptly might shock you.


Deli Turkey Reviews

Turkey breast can make a great sandwich. With so many out there, finding the right meat might be a hard choice. Here are some hints that I hope you will find helpful


5 Whole Foods That Are Fresher Outside of the Fridge

Many foods stay fresher and taste better when stored outside of your refrigerator. Here are five whole foods that prefer being out of the fridge.


World Market: Fabulous Global Foods and Culinary Gifts

World Market is a chain of specialty retail stores for imported goods. In addition to a wide range of international food products, they also sell furniture, décor, rugs, gifts, and apparel. Shopping here is like traveling around the world without stepping on an airplane!


Review of Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery: What to Know

If you have never ordered groceries from Amazon Prime, you might do so after reading this review.


8 More Foods That Are (Almost) Too Difficult to Eat

Slippery sushi, pesky pomegranates, cantankerous chicken on the bone—there are some foods that are almost impossible to eat. Here’s another look at how to win the battle of food and the fork.


Pros and Cons of the Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery Service

Amazon Fresh is a very convenient way to order groceries online, including perishables. The service has several pros and cons. This is my review.


Who Is Aunt Jemima and Those Others Hanging Out in Your Kitchen?

You have undoubtedly noticed that many products in your kitchen are given pseudo-human personalities. Have you ever wondered who those strangers in your kitchen are? Get to know some of them, and you might find out that they aren't so controversial after all.


Review of Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Snack Bars

Eat Your Coffee makes healthy, caffeinated snack bites without a crash. In this article, I review the Mocha Mint and Chocolate Espresso flavors. Overall, I think this is a well-designed snack for those who are looking for a sugar-free energy boost, though I did think they were a bit bland.


Sustainable Eating in the 21st Century

What does sustainability mean in terms of the food we eat? Top scientists share their viewpoints about how we can eat a diet that is healthier for our bodies and the planet.


Phoenicia Specialty Foods: Worldwide Grocery Plus Pita Bread Factory

Phoenicia Specialty Foods, located in Houston, Texas, carries food products from 50+ countries. At the Westheimer location, fresh pita bread rolls off of a conveyer belt in the store.


Meal Planning for People Who Don’t Like to Plan

If meal planning seems too rigid for your lifestyle, this flexible method will help you save money, eat more healthful meals, and save time both at the grocery store and in the kitchen.


Review of Gary's Quick Steak: Make-Your-Own Cheesesteak at Home

With Gary's you can make your own Philly cheesesteak sandwich at home. Quick, easy, and delicious, it cooks up nicely and gives you restaurant-quality flavor.


How to Make Your Own Buttermilk and Other 5-Minute Baking Hacks

Baking hacks make recipes more affordable, help out in a pinch and speed things up!


Food Safety: Expiration Dates, Recalls, and Romaine Lettuce in the 21st Century

Every year tons food items are recalled and 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is discarded. Is our food less safe than it was before, and if so, why? What’s going on?


How to Hasselback (Almost) Everything

Hasselback is not a pro quarterback (that’s Hasselbeck). It’s a cooking technique—slicing almost all-the-way through foods, creating thin layers that are then stuffed and baked. Let’s learn how it started and fun ways to use this technique in your kitchen.


A 21st Century Look at Foods of the Great Depression

Next week is the 90th anniversary of the start of the Great Depression of 1929-39, an economic crisis that began in the U.S. and then rapidly spread across the globe. This article looks at how households adapted to depleted food resources and how we can update those dishes for the 21st century.


Review of My Six Favorite Saffron Road Frozen Meals

I enjoy cooking at home, but sometimes I'm not in the mood to cook. In these situations, I often turn to Saffron Road frozen meals because they're healthy and delicious.


Exploring Umami: The Fifth Taste Sensation

Sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, and umami—the fifth taste sensation. That meaty flavor occurs in many foods, even fruits and vegetables. Learn all about umami and how to use it in your cooking.


An Honest Review of Misfits Market

This is my honest review of Misfits Market, an organic produce home-delivery service. I received their boxes every week for about six months.


Country Archer Original Beef Jerky Review

Beef jerky is not only a delicious snack but it is healthy as well. Low in fat and sugars, it's a sure way to obtain your daily protein requirements. If your days are busy and you don't like to wash dishes, you may want to try this. It's convenient, and it tastes good, too.


Review of Country Archer Beef Sticks

In this article, I review Country Archer Beef Sticks. I think they taste pretty good, and I like the fact that they're so convenient. They're friendly to keto and paleo diets, too.


What You Should Know About the Bottled Water Industry

Some people are spending as much as $90 for a bottle of “premium” water—but even the cheaper stuff isn’t really cheap.